I'm Mustafa Keskin. I live in Izmir, Turkiye.

I was born in Istanbul, the most mystical and beautiful city in the world. I started university in 2014 and after graduating for four years, I moved to Ankara, where is capital city of Turkiye.

After working as a freelancer developer throughout my student life, I worked in corporate companies to improve my skills and abilities in many different positions such as product, process and team management.

When in 2021, I decided to leave the corporate working life behind and switch to the startup world, and therefore I started to work as Sr. Fullstack Developer in Popupsmart. I left the my position here in October 2022 and I moved to Izmir for focus on my own venture and projects.

Today, I’m working on my own venture, on the other hand I'm giving the support and provide consultancy to small-scale startups.